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Number of Adults in Household: Hours Worked Per Week:
Number of Children Ages of Children:
Are all of the adults in the household aware that you are fostering a dog/puppy? Yes No Who will have primary responsibility and state the age:
Does anyone in the household have pet allergies or asthma? Yes No Have you owned
or cared for a Chihuahua before?
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Kind of fostering you can provide, check all that apply: Nursing pups no Mom Mom with litter Chi with medical issues
Chi with behavior issues Healthy any age Senior Chi
2 or more together Any condition
Residence type: Single Family Townhouse Condo Apartment Other
If rent, does your lease allow animals? Yes No If yes, are there
any Chihauhua restrictions?
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Management company or landlord name:
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Fenced yard? Yes No Fence type?
If no fence, method
of restraint used?
Will your foster
be an inside dog?
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Will the foster be allowed outside unattended? Yes No Will the foster ride in the back of a pick-up? Yes No
How may hours a day will the dog or puppy be left alone? If confined in a room, which room?
If crated, which room? How often and what kind of exercise will you give your foster?
Are there times when your foster will be tied outside? Yes No    
Do you travel or
relocate frequently?
Yes No If yes, please explain:
Please list all animals
you currently have:
Please list name, species, age, M/F, Spayed/Neutered, if vaccinations up to date:
Please list the animals you've had as an adult: What heartworm preventative have you given your dogs?
What flea and tick treatment have you given your dogs?    
Have you ever given away, sold or surrendered an animal? Yes No If yes, what were the circumstances and to whom?
Some animals are either not housetrained, or, when introduced to new surroundings, stressed or as an attention getter, will have housetraining issues. Are you prepared for this? Yes No What method of training/discipline
do you use?
Do you know how dogs
get heartworm disease?
Yes No How long do you think it takes to housetrain a puppy?
Are you willing to allow a representative to contact your personal veterinarian? Yes No Veterinarian name and phone number:
List any surrounding cities you can travel to for picking up a Chihuahua.
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