Chihuahua Services

All our puppies and dogs for sale are available only to permanent homes as friend and companion dogs, establishments desiring pet therapy service or registered kennels as foundation pups.

Here at Happy Trail Chihuahuas we also offer stud breeding services for registered ACA and AKC pedigree Chihuahuas of 3.5 pounds and up. Our charge for stud service reflects the dogs desirable disposition as well as the sire's conformation that whether shown or yet untried meets up with breed standards.

We also have a free follow up service in which we will administer to puppies purchased from Happy Trail their remaining required puppy vaccinations if you bring the pup to us. The only vaccinations we can not do is for rabies. Your will need to make an appointment with your veterinarian when your puppy is 3-4 months of age to administer his or hers rabies vaccine.

Rehoming and Adoption ~ It is our commitment that every Chihuahua find a good loving home. If you have a Chi you can no longer take care of or are looking to adopt instead of purchase one of our puppies, contact us for help. You can advertise your Chihuahua for rehoming or place a Chihuahua wanted ad here on our site at no charge. Visit our Chihuahua Adoption and Rehoming page.

We are also building a Chihuahua Foster Care network to provide temporary homes for Chihuahuas through out most of the mid Atlantic Area. This is a grass roots effort that will take some of the pressure of local shelters and animal control facilities. Please consider volunteering, you may save a little Chi's life.

If you must find a new home for your Chi immediately, visit our list of cities where we have Chihuahua Foster Care Volunteer Partners.

Happy Trails, Steve & Lindy