Male Chihuahua
Male Chihuahua
Male Chihuahua

Chihuahua Pups At Play

See Happy Trail Chihuahuas latest litter of puppies.

Stairs are an obstacle for Chihuahua puppies

Stepping off to explore the new world. Help puppies on stairs so they do not harm themselves.

Chihuahua puppies love soft and hard chew toys

Blizzard with soft chew toy made by Lindy.

Chihuahua enjoy finding a soft pearch to eat a treat or sleep

Finding a soft perch for a little chew time.

Chi pup looking out on the big world

Puppies can are very curious and fit into small places.

Happy Trail's Camden, male Chihuahua

Male Chihuahua, Happy Trail's Camden.

Chihuahua Father and Son

Like father, like son.

Dad playing with his daughter

Dad likes playing with his offspring once mom allows it.

Chihuahua puppy Honey

Female Chihuahua, Happy Trail's Honey.

Chihuahua Samatha sun bathing

Female Chihuahua Sheba, enjoying a sunny morning.

Bandit, pick of the litter.

Male Chihuahua, Happy Trail's Bandit. Pick of the litter.

Bandit, runt of the litter.

Happy Trail's Bandit. The runt who thinks he is leader of the pack.

Blizzard female Chihuahua puppy.

Happy Trail's Blizzard. The first born, most playful and most inquisitive.