At the beach.

Chihuahua chaperone at the beach

About Us - Start Of Happy Trail Chihuahuas

We started out as "Wild Flower Fields" with Doberman Pinchers and ADGA registered dairy goats, opening a dairy and kennel in 1982 at about the same time. We acquired a show quality dam whom we named "Pepper". She proved to be marvelous around our five children, always displaying a calm attitude, friendly and yet very protective. We enjoyed assisting her, in honor, with nearly twenty puppies throughout her 12 years as our close friend, family and goat herd protector.

After we sold our last puppies and later when Pepper died we were without a family pet for a while. When all our children were grown and on their own, we found ourselves growing a little bored and lonely. Our silent "empty nest" took some time to get use to. All the fun and frolic of children and animals were now just quiet loving memories.

On a visit to the mid west to see our first grandson, we stayed at a friends home who was watching after another friend's Chihuahua while they were traveling. Until that time we had never considered such a small dog as being a useful pet. All of our experiences were with large breed dogs. After two days of visiting and seeing this female Chihuahua named Digit play and react to different events, we had reconsidered and had a change of mind set concerning this breed.

About six months later we decided to select a Chihuahua puppy and later a playmate (with stud in mind) for our newly acquired chihuahua female, "Samantha" aka Sam.

Since then Sam and Bell as they are known, have been quite companionable and have gradually learned about 25 tricks and commands including a very cute "praise the Lord" for treats and a series of "roll overs" and "find the treat game", that has us and visiting friends laughing and playing. Our home is once again filled with the sounds of life and excitement.

We decided to start up our kennel operation again trading as "Happy Trail Chihuahuas" and have decided on the Chihuahua as our only breed.

Over the years we became more interested and fascinated with the Chihuahua breed. We wanted to be more involved in helping unwanted and abandoned Chihuahuas find permanent loving homes. Many of these dogs were loving and cherished companions to people who became ill, died, or went into care facilities and could not continue caring for their pet. Others were sold to families with small children or to others that were not prepared to care for or had zero knowledge about the breed by greedy breeders that only cared about making money. These folks found out to late that this breed was not the type of family pet that they envisioned.

In December of 2010, we decided to combine our knowledge of the breed, computer and marketing skills to build a Foster Care Network to rescue Chihuahuas in need and offer free advertising and assistance to anyone needing to rehome their little Chihuahua. Our main focus has been on the mid Atlantic eastern states, but we are open to others when volunteers are available.

To help prevent Chihuahua abandonment to the streets, where it may be injured, or turning a Chihuahua over to a local animal control facility that may euthanize, out site also maintains a large list of people wanting to adopt Chihuahuas rather than purchase from unscrupulous, greedy breeders or puppy mills. If you have a Chi you can no longer take care of, for any reason, please check our Chihuahua Wanted pages before you dump your Chi in a way that can cause injury or death.