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Availability, Eligibility & Pricing

Before we discuss pricing lets first talk about who is eligible to purchase one of our fine little Chihuahua puppies. The Taco Bell dog and movies with lovable cute Chi dogs has made it very easy to find poorly-bred Chihuahuas to meet the demand of those folks who do not carefully select a breed to fit their family lifestyle. Those obviously self-confident and trainable little guys have lulled many families with very young children into thinking the breed is just perfect for them. They trot down to the nearest pet store or let their fingers do the walking through the newspaper ads or on the Internet. However, puppies purchased from these sources are often bred for profit alone, without concern for health or temperament. Often the breeders and dealers may know next to nothing that will help a family choose wisely or how to work with this breed's temperament or needs once they get the puppy home.

Chihuahuas are a little more high maintenance than many other breeds. They remain very active throughout most of their life (the average lifespan range for a healthy Chihuahua is approximately 12 to 16+ years) and require a lot of interaction with their owners. They crave attention, affection, exercise and being petted. This breed is generally not recommended for children, not because they are not good with them, but because most people treat the Chihuahua differently than they would a larger dog. If you have young children under the age of ten we will not sell you one of our puppies unless we feel you are capable of continuing its training and socialization.

The Chihuahua tends to be most loyal to one particular owner, but can be attached to more if time is spent in socializing them when young. A large family, mom, dad and four children, may do better with a different breed for this reason. If a puppy spends a lot of time with all the family members this problem can be avoided. It takes a commitment on everyones part to make a Chihuahua a family pet.

We here at Happy Trail Chihuahuas are happy to announce that our pricing is both affordable and the great value you are looking for, price wise, for a puppy with high quality standards for temperament in a companion dog or breeder type Chihuahua.

Currently our Chihuahua price range is $400 to $1,200, with most pups between $500 and $800. Determining factors as to the price include the puppy size, sex, confirmation, intelligence, disposition and personalty. We don't set the price on a puppy until he or she is 5-6 weeks old. This allows us time to observe their physical development, intelligence level and if the are pack leaders or followers. We want to match up and place each pup into the life style of its new master. See How to choose the right Chihuahua puppy.

We know you will be thrilled that our Chihuahua puppies and pricing reflect the highest quality for the prized dogs they are in companionship, confirmation and pleasant disposition. Their sturdy strong muscular conformation, will in years and puppy generations to come, still be considered an affordable investment that produces great joy. This is a fair value and we appreciate your outstanding patronage.