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What to Feed Chihuahuas

We at Happy Trail Chihuahuas have spent a good amount of time researching foods appropriate for our Chihuahuas and we have found some excellent kibbles that meets all standards.

Harmony dog kibble is in popular use here at our kennel because it is easy to feed , meets all nutritional standards and can be ground and given to weaning puppies as well as our normal adult ration. All our puppies maintain an excellent weight and all growing whelps wean straight on to it by 7-8 weeks.

We also use Purina Puppy Chow for giving to young pups and lactating bitches. It has more calcium than standard dog foods making it a good choice for developing puppy bones and giving nursing moms extra calcium to help prevent Eclampsia (Milk Fever). Note that you should not give expecting bitches extra calcium before giving birth. Just maintain a well balanced diet. To much calcium can cause their system to shut down the intake of calcium, doing more harm than good later on. Only feed extra, calcium rich foods to the moms after birthing. That is when she will need it.

Pupperonie and Milk-Bone dog treats are easily attainable and highly digestible. In spite of the gossip you might here about them we recognize them as an important part of our dogs diet and training program.

Any canned food may be readely excepted by your dog taste wise, however we recommend feeding dry kibble foods to help avoid dental problems. Iams or other canned dog foods at 10% protein or more, versus brands with only 7% and 9% protein levels, are recomended if your dog is having hydration problems. These feeds are also recognized as meat first foods which means their main ingredient is real meat.

Here is a list of other supplement foods used for our dogs:

  • Milk watered at 2 T. water / 4T. milk
  • cooked potato preferable cubed
  • carrot raw or cooked
  • green beabs cooked
  • cooked rice
  • apple sauce
  • your best Biscuits (highly digestible)
  • cottage cheese
  • soft cooked scrambled egg
  • yogurt
  • small apple bits

Any or all of the above list may be fed mixed with your puppy dog kibble as their main stay or fed as snacks any time. After bringing home a new puppy you may have to entice him or her to eat untill it is used to you and it's new home life. Please feel free to feed them any of the above listed foods or follow our favorite recipe below. Some Chihuahua puppies can be finicky eaters, not only at the new puppy stage but also adults may need coaxing from time to time. This is our favorite puppy recipe is:

  • 2 Tablespoon ground puppy kibble
  • 2 Tablespoon water
  • 1 Tablespoon milk
  • 2 Cubes (1 inch) cooked potato
  • 1 Tablespoon yogurt or cottage cheese

This recipe counts as 1 part per 1 pup. Put all ingredients times number of pups in blender and feed 3-6 times a day depending on age of puppy. Especially great feed for weaning puppies on to plain kibble. Enjoy!

After feeding, brush your puppy's teeth to avoid dental problems that can lead to other health problems.

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