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Happy Trail Chihuahuas Home Page. We breed for mid sized Chihuahua pups with good disposition and companionship.

Chihuahua and Puppy FAQ
Frequently Ask Questions about our Chihuahua

About Happy Trail Chihuahuas - Fredericksburg, VA
History of Happy Trail Chihuahuas - Fredericksburg, VA 540-207-5131

Chihuahua History
Short history of the mighty Chihuahua, man's best friend.

Chihuahua Puppy Pricing
Pricing structure of Happy Trail Chihuahuas - Puppies, Adults and Stud Service.

Happy Trail Chihuahuas Services
Happy Trail Chihuahuas Services - Chihuahua Stud Service, puppy vaccinations, adoption, rehoming.

Training Your Chihuahua and Behavior Problems
Chihuahua dog training tips. You CAN fix behavior problems.

Puppy Pictures - Chihuahua Photo Gallery
Photos of Chihuahuas in action, adults and new arrivals, Chihuahua puppies.

Happy Trail Chihuahuas - Contact Information
Contact Information for Happy Trail Chihuahuas | 540-207-5131, Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Chihuahua Puppy Photos - Past Litters
Chihuahua photos from Hapy trail Chihuahuas in Fredeicksburg, VA.

Happy Trail's Belshazzar | Chihuahua Stud Service
Happy Trail's Belshazzar - Male Chihuahua for stud.

Chihuahuas Temperament
Temperament and Disposition of Chihuahuas. Is a Chihuahua the right companion pet for you?

Chihuahua Health
Health concerns specific to Chihuahuas and what to look for to protect them.

Canine Dental Health
Why canine dental health is important. Periodonititis affects more than just teeth.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services.
Professional Pet Sitters and Associations.

Chihuahua's Appearance, Chihuahua Pups, Size, Weight & Shape
Some facts and debunking about the shape, size and weight of Chihuahuas.

Happy Trail's Chihuahua Samsntha
About Happy Trail's Chihuahua Samsntha and her puppies

Happy Trail Chihuahuas News
The latest happenings at Happy Trail Chihuahuas, see what is making news, new puppy arrivales and more.

Chihuahua Puppy Diet - What To Feed Chihuahuas - Dog Food
Chihuahua Puppy Diet, recomended foods for Chihuahua puppies and adult dogs.

Chihuahua Puppy Care
How to care for Chihuahua puppies. Feeding, water, dog bed, toys and exercise for a healthy puppy